Ground -  sold out   Taking orders for March 2018           $6.00/lb.

   Stew                                                   $6.00/lb.

   Sausage - Bulk         Sold out                     $6.00/lb.

   Sausage -Links ( 4 links per pk. ) Sold out             $6.99/lb.
  ( a delicious blend of 100% lamb,salt,sugar, spice, garlic powder &  parsley.....no preservatives! ) 

   Leg  -  bone-in                                    $6.50/lb.

   Leg - Boneless - BRT*  sold out                   $7.50/lb.

   Leg steaks - bone-in.  sold out                  $6.99/lb.

   Loin chops                                                     $11.50/lb.

   Riblets                                                $5.25/lb.

   Rib chops                                           $6.50/lb.

   Shoulder roast - Bone-in                     $6.00/lb.

   Shoulder roast -  Boneless -BRT*      sold out   $6.50/lb.

   Shoulder Steaks                                  $6.50/lb.

   Shanks - whole                                   $6.00/lb.

   Bones - good for soup/stock               $2.00/lb. 

   Offal.                                                 $2.00/lb. 

Whole Lamb - cut & wrapped. *            $280.00
*Taking orders for November 2018

* Boned rolled & tied
 Custom cuts can be ordered.  
Delivery time 3 to 7 months is possible.  
 A deposit may be required.
We also sell live lambs, ewe's and rams.  
Please call or email for availability and price 

American Lamb fresh homegrown flavor
Locally farmed ~  Toledo~  Washington

Farm Fresh eggs 
     Chicken eggs $3.50/doz.
Duck eggs $5.00/doz